Worcester C44
April 3, 2017
Single Piece general purpose
April 3, 2017

Worcester T13/14


  • Foolproof stem assembly to ball
  • Mounting platform on valve body
  • Three-piece for ease of maintenance
  • Extensive range of seat materials
  • Ball / seat design options

Size Range: 8- 50mm (Reduced Bore)
Body Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel (Others on request)
Seat Materials: Virgin PTFE, Reinforced PTFE, Flurofill
End Connections: Screwed, Socket Weld, Butt Weld
Pressure Rating: 70 Bar

3 Way 13 14

Developed from Worcester’s highly successful Series 44 three-piece ball valve, the 13/14 simplifies process systems by replacing two valves with one. The 13/14 is available in sizes from 20mm’ to 50mm, a range of end connections and materials of construction.

The Series 13 requires a conventional 90 degrees valve operation to change flow direction. However, during this operation, all three ports are open and therefore mixing of media can occur. By contrast the Series 14 requires a 180 degrees operation to change flow direction. At 90 degrees both ports are shut, providing full isolation of the media. Mixing of the media will not occur during operation. Also available as full bore up to 40mm by prefixing the product series with the letter ‘B’ e.g. BAT13



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