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June 13, 2017
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June 13, 2017

T41 & T43 Lined plug valves

A key design feature of T-41 and T-43 valves is the thick, one-piece continuous PTFE lining that covers all wetted surfaces in the body. Since the body is unwetted, the standard material is economical Ductile Iron. We offer optional stainless bodies for corrosive environments. The plug is PFA-Encapsulated and the PFA covering extends up the stem through the top cap. A sealing surface as much as 10x greater than other lined valves assures drop tight shut-off. In addition to the large sealing area,sealing is omnidirectional and is totally independent of line pressure.

The primary seal to the atmosphere is between the plug and the seal band at the top of the liner. As a secondary seal, a dynamic self-adjusting, self-energized, reverse-lip PFA diaphragm seal prevents stem leakage. If line pressure should force liquid to the stem seal area, the self-energizing reverse lip PFA diaphragm will be forced against the stem to prevent external leakage.

Never replace valve seats. Simply reseat the plug with a quick and easy in-line adjustment. An open-end wrench and a few seconds are the extent of your maintenance requirements.

Features and Benefits:

  • All wetted parts are Fluorocarbon lined and Encapsulated
  • Tapered Plug
  • One-Piece Ductile Iron Body (Stainless Optional)
  • PFA Reverse-Lip Diaphragm
  • In-Line Adjustment

Corrosion-resistant Epoxy powder-coating

Durco T-Line

T4E1 Technical Manual



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