Beta Pneumatic & E/P positioner
March 30, 2017
PMV EP5 Electro/Pneumatic positioner
March 31, 2017

PMV P5 Pneumatic positioner


  • Input 20-100 kPa, will fit most actuator types
  • Market leader with very large installed base
  • Sturdy, simple design with few internal parts
  • High gain low friction gold plated pilot valve
  • Bright visible indicator, flat or dome style
  • Stainless steel cam easily & reliably set
  • Simple calibration with external zero adjustment
  • Built in gauge ports and tapped exhaust port
  • External switch unit can be fitted in seconds



The foundation of the PMV Valve Control System is the PMV P5 pneumatic positioner. Performance of this unit has been enhanced with the special high gain/high capacity spool valve assembly providing very quick and accurate actuator/valve response. For single or double acting application, this new modular design allows for the simple addition of I/P converters and/or a feedback unit with a variety of feedback options. Other features include: Gauge ports, stainless steel cam with a simple cam locking device, tapped exhaust port for venting of supply media, external zero adjustment, and completely sealed cover.



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