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June 13, 2017
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June 13, 2017

Nordstrom Dynamic balanced plug valve

The Nordstrom Dynamic Balance Iron Valve incorporates proven features and user benefits from the Dynamic Balance Steel Valve, developed in the mid-1970’s, plus over sixty years of experience in endless valve applications and design technology. A pressure-balanced plug assures predictable torque even under high-pressure differential, and vibration and thermal cycling. The Dynamic Balance Iron Plug Valves are available in sizes from 4 to 20 with CWP ratings of 150 and 200.

Turns easily every time, shuts off with proven dependability of a plug valve and eliminates the problems generally associated with conventional plug valves. Balance holes at the top and bottom of the plug maintain equal pressure above and below the plug and in the plug port so that line pressure cannot jam the plug into the body taper. A stainless steel spring pre-loads the plug to prevent vibration and thermal cycling from wedging the plug into the taper. Loading the top of the plug in this way also compensates for the weight of the plug when the valve is installed upside down. The Dynamic Balance Iron Plug Valve provides durable, metal-to-metal seats and a sealant system for bubble-tight shut-off and in-line restoration of damaged seats. Dynamic Balance Iron Plug Valves are suited for general gas, water and wastewater services at temperatures from -20 deg. F to 350 deg. F (-29 deg. C to 177 deg. C). Sealant systems are incorporated into metal-seated plug valves as an integral part of the valve, and sealant is required to insure proper valve performance.


  • Pressure Balance Tapered Metal Plug
  • Plug Balancing Spring
  • Weatherproof Gear Operator
  • Giant Button Head Sealant Injection Fitting

Nordstrom Dymacic balanced plug valve

Size Range: 15 – 600mm
Body Material: S G Iron
Plug Material: SG Iron
End Connections: Screwed, Flanged
Pressure Rating: 125LB/150LB


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