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May 25, 2017
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Nordstrom Cast iron plug valve


  • Fixed Adjustment Gland
  • Heavy Wall Body

Nordstrom Iron plug valve catalog

Size Range: 15 – 600mm
Body Material: S G Iron
Plug Material: SG Iron
End Connections: Screwed, Flanged
Pressure Rating: 125LB/150LB

In Nordstrom Bolted Gland type valves, controlled plug motion is provided by flexing of the gland itself. The bolted type gland valves can be adjusted, if needed, but normally require little attention for leak-free, easy turning valve performance.

The tapered plug is lapped individually with its matching body, providing perfect seating contact. The sealant channels in the plug and body seats provide lubrication which, together with the positive rotary action of the tapered plug valve, protects the seating surfaces against corrosion, erosion, or accumulation of solid deposits.

This valve is designed with a heavy wall body which is constructed beyond its requirements as a pressure vessel for its maximum rated working pressure to withstand the higher-than-line sealant pressure and expected line stresses.


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