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April 3, 2017
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April 3, 2017

McCanna Top entry


  • Top Entry-Inline serviceable
  • Wedge Seats. Spring-loaded, self adjusting
  • Back-seated conical stem seals. Blowout proof, seals tighter at higher pressure.
  • Bi-Directional
  • Polymer, metal, or ceramic seats available
  • Flanged, threaded, and weld-end bodies

Size Range: 15-500mm (Reduced Bore) 25-400mm (Full Bore)
Body Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Hastalloy (Other Exotics)
Seat Materials: Virgin PTFE, Peek, Metal, Ceramics, UHMWPE
End Connections: Flanged ANSI 150 – 1500LB
Pressure Rating: 16 Bar – 200 Bar

McCanna Top Entry Ball valve

The Flowserve McCannaseal is the original patented Top-Entry, Wedge-Seated ball valve. Available in regular port sizes from 15mm through 500mm and in full port sizes from 25 through 400mm and pressure classes 150 through 1500. The McCannaseal reputation for consistent, reliable operation in handling today’s most volatile applications is known the world over and is featured on most ”approved” lists for all types of processes. Available with standard bonnet or with extended bonnet for cryogenic or high-temperature service. Wide range of body alloys and broad selection of seat and seal materials.



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