Valtek Shearstream Control Valve
June 12, 2017
Remote operation valve
June 12, 2017

Inbal pressure & flow control valves

Pressure Relief Valve
The Inbal pressure relief valves are used to release excess pressure that may develop as a result of a sudden change in the velocity of the water flowing in the pipe.

Pressure Sustaining Valve
The Inbal pressure sustaining valves are used to sustain the system pressure to a predetermined maximum level. The applications balance the pressure distribution throughout the whole system by maintaining the minimum pressure for high altitude users. Pressure sustaining valves are also used to prevent discharging of the pipe system when any user starts to operate.
Pressure Reducing Valve
The Inbal pressure reducing valves maintain a predetermined outlet pressure which remains steady and unaffected by either changing of inlet pressure and/or various demands. Inbal Pressure Reducing Valves are self contained control valves which do not require external power


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