June 12, 2017
Valtek Valdisk
June 12, 2017

Durco BX High Performance Butterfly Valve


  • UHMWPE Seats For Abrasive Services
  • Apex Metal Seated Valves Inconel seat assures Class IV shut-off
  • The fire sealed version BX2001 meets API 607 Requirements.
  • TriFlex Metal Seated Valves for extended service life to 1000°F (538°C).
  • Many BX2001 Packing Options for ASME Class 150 and 300 Valves

Gibb-Key locks vane to shaft for unparalleled security. seat (Class VI) in 400,600,800, and 1000°F Configurations

Durco Big Max

Total Quality: BX2001 effectively contains fugitive process media emissions regulated by the federal Clean Air Act, including chlorine, hydrofluoric acid and anhydrous HCl. Ideal choice for precise throttling control or on-off service with lighter weight piping systems and less expensive, energy-efficient actuators. Offered in a vast selection of materials to excel in your chemical process.

World Class Valve Performance. All castings meet rigid ASTM standards. All BX2001 valves comply with ASME B16.34, ASME B16.5, ASME B16.10, MSS SP68, MSS SP61, API 598, API 607, API 609, and ISO 5752. All PFA seated valves and optional UHMWPE seated valves are tested in accordance with ASME B 16.34 and MSS SP61. No through or external leaks are allowed, thereby exceeding the shut-off requirements of ASME/FCI 70-2 for all classes. All Apex and TriFlex metal seated valves are tested to ASME/FCI 70-2 Class IV and VI leakage rates, respectively. All valves available in ASME Class 150 and 300; DIN PN 10, -16, -20, -25 and -40 drilling.

Flowserve offers a wide variety of seat design options to most cost-effectively suit your service requirements.

Standard PFA Seat: 400F

Fire-safe seat: Primary seat before fire -20°F to 400°F; High temperature Metal seat after fire 400°F to 600°F

UHMWPE (abrasion-resistant) seat -20°F to 200°F

APEX Metal seat (Class IV) 400°F and 600°F Ratings

Triflex metal


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