Cast Steel check valves
April 3, 2017
Worcester A44/59
April 3, 2017

Double Door check valves


Dual Plate Check Valve

Body Materials: A216 GrWCB, A351 GrCF8
Disc Materials: A216 GrWCB, A351 GrCF8
Design Standards: API 6D / API 594/ API598

Size Range:

ANSI Class 150 : 2″ To 40″
ANSI Class 300 : 2″ To 24″
ANSI Class 600 : 2″ To 24″



Compact Wafer Design Extremely light weight and economical compared with traditional flanged type, swing-check valve. The sensitive spring incorporated in the valve closes the valve plate before reverse flow occurs thus preventing water hammer and giving complete pipe line protection even in the high head installations. The valve is compact thus saving space and simplifying installation, and can be installed in any position and at any angle thus allowing rationalized piping layout.

Long Service Life:
Dual-check valves incorporate teflon spring bearings to minimize spring wear and assure long service life.
Smooth Operation:
Teflon Bearings minimize friction for smooth valve plate operation.
Tight Seal:
Shock-easening and tight sealing effect ensured by resilient seat



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