Cast Steel globe valves
April 3, 2017
Double Door check valves
April 3, 2017

Cast Steel check valves


Swing Check, Lift Check Valve

Body Materials:

Cast Steel: ASTM A216GrWCB, ASTM A352Gr LCB, LC1, LC2, LC3
Alloy Steel: ASTM A217GrWC1, WC6, WC9, WCC, C5, C1
Stainless Steel: ASTM A351Gr, CF8, CF8M
Trim Material: 13CR, SS304, SS316, Stellite
Design Standards: API 6D / BS1868/ ASME B 16.34

Size Range:

ANSI Class 150 : 2″ To 60″
ANSI Class 300 : 2″ To 60″
ANSI Class 600 : 2″ To 60″



Swing check valves are used to prevent flow reversal in piping system. These valves are suitable for horizontal and vertical applications. Swing check valves have low pressure drop and are best suited for moderate velocity applications. Correct sizing of swing check valve is important. Either too low line velocity OR too high velocity can affect the valve performance and damage valve internals and may shorten valve life. Service in systems involving rapid and frequent flow reversals, pulsation or turbulent flow should be avoided.

Swing check valves are manufactured with flanged ends upto class 600 as per standard ASME B16.10 and ASME B16.5 respectively for face to face distance and flange dimensions. For pressure class 900 and above. Swing check valves are manufactured as per standard ASME b16.10 and B16.25 respectively for face-to-face distance (short pattern) and butt weld dimensions.
Swing check valves are supplied with lever and counter weight from sizes 14” and above for class 150 and for class 300 and 600. Dash spot arrangement on customer request.



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