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June 13, 2017
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BTV Lined Butterfly Valves

Unique, energized seat design results in bubble tight shutoff. The spherical ball and socket disc/ liner design provides a 360 degree contact seat seal. The rounded radius of the disc fits into the socket of the machined liner and stays in constant contact with the seat. The liner itself is recessed into the valve body for added stability and to prevent possible leakage due to cold flow or improper valve installation. A live loaded elastomer seat energizer enhances sealing. Isolated and protected in the grooved valve body, the elastomer energizer operates independently of mating flange torque for constant line seal performance.

Features and Benefits:

  • 1/8 in (3 mm) thick (nominal) rigid machined PTFE or UHMWPE liner is recessed in body preventing cold flow and facilitating installation.
  • Disc swing is compatible with ASTM F423-82 fluoropolymer lined pipe
  • ASTM A395 ductile cast iron split body provides Popular Double-D shaft drive provides positive valve position indication and simplifies adaption to automatic operation.
  • Tight Shut Off
  • Interchangeable actuator mounting plate accommodates ISO, MSS or special actuators. 10-position locking lever and throttle plate or gear operated options are available.
  • Epoxy coated body and mounting plate resist the effect of atmospheric corrosion
  • Wafer or lug body is rated to 150 psi.

Durco BTV 2000

Size Range: 50-400mm
Operating Range: -60°C – 200°C (Depending on design & Materials)
Body Material: S G Iron
Lining Material: PFA, FEP, PVDF
End Connections: Flanged BS4504 Table 10,150LB, Wafer pattern


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