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March 31, 2017
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April 3, 2017

Soft Tools


  • USB/RS232/PCMCIA modem and adapter support.
  • MTL and ELCON brand multiplexer support.
  • Signature acquisition.
  • Temperature and service hour logging.

Valtek SoftTools Suite software is used for the configuration and calibration of smart (HART) positioners using PC software. Available with multiple licensing options, this software is designed to help engineers and maintenance personnel who are responsible for managing smart positioners by simplifying calibration, configuration, and diagnostics.

SoftTools is available in three versions. LE (Lite Edition): Provides basic calibration, configuration, and status information. SE (Standard Edition): All the features of the LE Edition plus enhanced diagnostics, such as signatures, logs, hysteresis, deadband, repeatability, and linearity (HDRL) testing. ME (MUX Edition): All the features of the SE Edition plus the ability to communicate via MTL or ELCON brand multiplexers.

To register SoftTools, the software must be installed, and a special Product Code must be obtained from Flowserve and entered in the software. To obtain a Product Code, call the SoftTools Licensing Line at US 801.489.2679. If no answer call 801.489.2280 and be prepared with the System ID Number (found by clicking on the HELP, and then the REGISTER SOFTTOOLS buttons on the menu bar in the program), and either a credit card or purchase order. Flowserve will provide the Product Code once the order is processed.



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