007 M6 Switchboxes
April 3, 2017
007 EEx d Control Monitor
April 3, 2017

007C Switch / Solenoid


  • Replaces separate switchbox and solenoid
  • Solenoid protected from site damage
  • Ingress protection to IP667 (7 joules impact)
  • Wiring via a single multi-core cable
  • Eliminates cabling, glands and local junction boxes
  • Neat, compact design with highly accessible internals
  • Polyester coated aluminium
  • Mechanical or proximity end of travel switches
  • EEx ia IIC or EEx d IIB versions
  • Versions for explosive gasses and dust. Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22
  • “Klearvision” or “Gyrovision” polycarbonate visual indicators
  • “Gyrovision” indicator surface area <20cm2. Gas group IIC
  • “Klearvision ” indicator surface area <100cm2. Safe area and gas groups IIA and IIB
  • Suitable for rotary and linear actuators
  • Double acting “stayput” applications
  • Dual redundant (safety related) applications
  • Single conduit connection version (electrical / pneumatic signals)
  • Versions with AS-i (V2.1) fieldbus interface
  • Versions to interface with AS-i Ex, Profibus, and Fieldbus Foundation
  • Optional internal or external manual override
  • CE Marked – EMC / Low Voltage / ATEX Directive compliant


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Control Centres
Non Hazardous Areas and Versions ATEX Certified EEx ia and EExd (II 2 GD)

An integrated device for monitoring and controlling on/off valves

The addition of one or more solenoids and a pneumatic control valve to the 007 Switchbox transforms the product into a fully integrated switch solenoid control centre. The solenoids are protected from site damage and like the 007T connection is via a single multicore cable. There are EEx ia and EEx d options and special versions for double acting stay put, dual redundant (safety related) systems and single conduit connection of the electrical and pneumatic signals.





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